First week of production!

This week started out with me familiarizing myself with the already finished 3d model and rig that were brought along from a previous class where it was made by some of the students in my big game group.

And then I was ready to start animating! Most animations were not specified how they would work but since we are sitting as a group I can constantly ask for feedback once I’ve made a few key poses to make sure all are somewhat agreeing on what it should look like.

We had a discussion about to what state of completion I should bring the animations in their first iteration, and I will first make rough animations that will be polished at a later stage so we can move forward faster and because it’s a lot easier to make changes to animations when they have less frames. Having spent less time on the individual animations I will be less emotionally attached to the which helps if one of them turn out to be wrong for the game and needs to be completely re done.

Some key poses:







Jump on spot



Idle in withdrawal and emotional pain



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